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The Wild Twin

you know when you’re at a party? a party right the world is spinning and laughing and every colour is bright but you stop and you stare and look at the sky a voice is speaking to you, but is out of sight that’s your wild twin, that child you left behind the one that wants to run, run away and hide forget all these people, put their judgement aside its not you that they love Its not for you’ll they’ll fight but he, she, they, them that thing deep down inside that thing that makes you want to scream and cry that thing that makes you work and strive thats your wild twin, right by your side telling you things will be okay, just face up and be kind or fight back and shout and scream and bite whatever the hell you want, as long as your alright i don’t know if the wild twin is real or just a part of our creative mind the frontal cortex sounds more likely than some invisible brother of mine but that doesn’t mean they’re not real and that he’s not right by my side telling me as long as we fight together Things will be just fine  you know when you’re at a party? a party right? the world is spinning and laughing and every colour is bright listen to that voice, deep down inside you’re best friend, the child you left behind

- By Jack Cooke

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