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How does the cat meow and how does the leaves sing?

Bring bring bring


2977with an 8 7 and a 7 and a 8 and 7


There’s a cyst in my ovary

I called him juniper

The question still remains

Hop scotch rob it vlog it

Can you feel it psssstttt feeeellll it pssst feel it pssst

D r e a d

(Chewing sounds)* (ssllup sslup)

Like licking a child’s head

Inebriated with whimsical innocence

Oh the dread

Tricky tricks and triple threats

Mouses toes and uni debt

I wonder hmm I wonder

No I don’t wonder hmm

Psshhh poppy cock

Bring bring bring


Square circle triangle square prism equilateral triangle isosceles triangle



How does the cat meow and how does the leaves sing

Well I’ll tell you it’s all because of


By Hannah Magee

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