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UNCUSTOM DEFINITIVE is an expressive literary publication exploring every facet of writing. We are interested in understanding what it means to be expressive through literature, whether this be in the form of poetry, prose, essay, diary entry, to do list, mobile phone notes; anything concerning the relationship between human experience and the language we use to communicate it, is of our interest. Why do we write? By what standards do we regard writing? What is the relationship between the process of writing and the process of reading?

UNCUSTOM DEFINITIVE is a response to these questions but also response to a continually-changing world, a post-modern digital landscape that distorts a view we once held of not only ourselves but the societies we live in, and a response to the increasing rise in mental illness among young people. 

UNCUSTOM DEFINTIVE strongly believes there is therapy in writing, some kind of transcendence. Possibly it is the act of looking away from the internet and focussing on one thing for a little while that is so refreshing. However we believe it is the moment that internal, non tangible, incomprehensible thoughts and feelings are translated and manifested into something communicable. There is beauty in the performance of formulating ourselves in language and sharing this with others. Which is why we've created a publication for exactly that. 

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